Since 1979, the Atlanta Community Food Bank has been serving the Greater Atlanta Area and its residents, providing meals, education and leading the charge in the fight against hunger in 29 Georgia counties. Awesome Inc was proud to offer its services to this worthy organization with this visually impactful animation to raise awareness of hunger. By personifying the concept with a creature dubbed The Hunger Monster, the look of the piece was so well-received it became the basis for the Food Bank’s summer campaign.

A huge thank you to Awesome Inc for including me on such a meaningful piece! My role for this project consisted of rotoscoping, character animation, and RubberHose rigging.



Client - Atlanta Community Food Bank

Studio - Awesome Inc.

Executive Producer - Ashley Kohler
Senior Producer - Liz Macke
Design Director - Craig Sheldon
Animation - Bridget Roden, Muriel Tiberghien
Background Design - Karen Castillo
Character Design - Sofia Salazar 
3D Animation - J Griffin

CG Artist - J Griffin, Mike Brant, Erika Chlupsa
Editor - Thomas Fine

For a full list of credits, please visit the Awesome Inc website.